How do I use the location description on the Map screen?

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When you enter the location of a bird on the Map screen, a red marker is shown. At the same time there may appear a description of the area at the bottom of the screen. You can change it as you like. The description is saved with your observation. This enables you and researchers to quickly identify the location of the observation.

BirdRing uses several sources when it tries to fill the description, in this specific order:

  1. Using a self learning function by BirdRing. You could consider it to be artificial intelligence. 😉 This function uses descriptions that you have manually entered in previous observations. For any new observation within 500 meters from a previous observation, the area description is copied. You can override the suggestion by BirdRing. Then BirdRing will remember the new description with the new coordinates for future observations. This way BirdRing learns the names and borders of your favourite areas just by using it.
  2. Using the ‘Reverse Geocoding’ service offered by Google gives an address based on coordinates. This option is available on most but not all Android devices and only working when you have an active internet connection.

When these three methods don’t give a description, you can (and sometimes must) enter a description yourself.