Backup observation data

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You can export observations from the BirdRing app. The app creates a backup file with a name like BirdRing_Backup_date.json. You can share this file (e.g. through email), save it on your device or upload it to your favorite online service like Google Drive, iCloud.

Of course you can also import the backup file. You can do that on the same device, but also on another device. When you select import, the app will ask you to select the backup file. So make sure the backup file is accessible from your device.

During import, existing observations won’t be deleted or overwritten. Exception: when an observation already exists on your device, but the observation from the backup file is changed more recently than the observation on your device, only then the observarion on the device will be overwritten by the observation from the backup.

Creating a backup file makes it easier to replace your phone with a new one, even when you switch from Android to iPhone or the other way around. It also allows you to use BirdRing on different devices, and yet have a complete set of observations on each device.

Not all data is included in the backup file. Settings and account data are excluded. The backup only contains data of all individual observations.