Privacy policy

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BirdRing does not collect any personal information. Period.

Some notes that concern both the Android and the iOS version of the app:

  • BirdRing uses the gps location of your device only to show you the map of that location.
  • BirdRing uses your email address only to let the app send you an email with your observation data.

Some additional notes that only concern the Android version of the app:

  • BirdRing for Android has an option to send your observation data to various websites. Please check the privacy policy of those websites when you create an account for that website. BirdRing only sends the observation data you created to the account that you created for that purpose on those websites.
  • BirdRing for Android has an option to send anonymous observation data to the BirdRing SpotFinder database. These data do not contain any personal data, just the species, date/time and location of the bird you have observed.
  • BirdRing for Android has an option to use offline maps. If you activate that option, the app needs your permission to access local files on the device. This permission is only used to load and display the map file.